Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sunflowers in the Painting

Sunflowers in the Painting.

Please do not think I am insulting you by putting on another of my white experiments. I am in fact being very brave I am showing you a painting half done, and if you have read my other blog you will be aware how silly that can be. I have in the past shown an abstract painting in construction, but in that case I was wise enough to capture each stage and only reveal after the painting was complete.

Yesterday was a day of half “finisheds”. My wife with her half finished joke. I went for a walk and a stray dog walked with me for an hour and a half. I reluctantly left him on the edge of the woods where I had parked my car in the hope his owner came to look for him. Today I will go and see if he is still there, because he is on my mind.

Lastly I started this painting and left it at this stage. That is in fact something I am not at all good at, leaving a painting half way through the process. Normally I would be back and forth touching it. The minute it was nearly dry I would be at it with paint.

This morning the modelling paste is lovely and dry. Technically I should be able to go and finish it. Sadly the desire I had yesterday is not there at present.

I have painted sunflowers twice before. One sold very quickly, the other where I used texture and made them look very much like sunflower heads I still have.

This time I am hoping to paint them more abstract than the previous two. Somewhere between.

I will put a second picture on here to show you the bloom that has made me want so much to paint another sunflower. It is the one to the right. You can see the canvas behind it. This one has smiled at me since Saturday.

So here it is a canvas with texture added waiting for the colours to speak to me.

Please will nobody suggest I paint the whole lot. I just could not.

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  1. Half a tale, half a painting. Wonderful, honest blog today. You made me laugh. I like your inspiration for this painting and the beginning. I suspect they are flowers from the anniversary party? How wonderful that you were inspired to capture its beauty.

    I can't wait to see how you evolve this. I never worked with modeling paste. It looks fun! Just start mixing some yellows and oranges and next thing you know the colors will beg to hop on the canvas. Happy painting!

  2. Ralph, I just like this as you have it now. 'Course, I can't see the details up close, but this one just grabs my interest as is. I really like it alot!

  3. Good Morning Ralph, is this really how it is done? Remember I am a welder and have "painted" only 12 paintings in my life. Doesn't the artist "gesso" the canvas first? I do that and then the background in whatever colors and shapes that come to mind. Only after all that do I realize what the focus will be: a landscape, a river or flowers or whatever! I think I am doing it all backwards!

  4. Oh I like this.. I love it in white... Its gorgeous.. Dont paint it at all.. You are a true artist.. I love your blog.. your art and your stories that go with it... Wow.. wow!! I have so much to learn from you!! Thank you for sharing all this...

  5. Alright Ralph, I'll be checking back for the painting,,,now I'll get right to it.... The Dog!! If there is one thing that stays with me too it's seeing a dog thats lost... I will go back (if I've not already taken it home) You know ,,, I used to really hate being like that ,, then one day I thought 'it's a blessing Barbra ' so just deal with it... thats it' I'll be back...

  6. Ralph, this will be a triumph, have a wonderful time with it! I can't wait to see your finished work. And the little dog, he is in my mind too, and will be in my prayers.

  7. I loved the idea of giving textures to the sun flowers, havent seen that before, look forward to a close up shot!
    a half done job and being cool about it says a lot about detachment I guess, I wish I can grow up :-)