Monday, 2 August 2010

Summer Days and Holidays

Summer Days and Holidays.

I used this painting this morning because I thought my other blog was very serious and that was not really how I was feeling. I had a wonderful walk in the rain yesterday. It was a fairly high ridge walk with marvellous views in spite of the wet weather.

I find such walks exhilarating and yet they also make me contemplative. I think this painting does both also.

I hope it captures the feeling of walks in strange places where you find unexpected little alleys that make you stop and wonder. What secrets do the windows and doors conceal? Then the artistic beauty of the place takes over and you feel moved.

None of those yesterday, but I did find this little ridge high above the town of Burntisland not far from where I live. So near yet until yesterday I was oblivious of it.

At the end of the walk, as I returned to my car I walk under the cliff face I had just walked along the top. I was aware of how close the path was to this drop. Did I really go there?

How I wish I could pour all that emotion into my art. This painting was done very quickly so I think there was some of it in this one. It sold very quickly and a larger similar one was commissioned soon after.

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  1. Ralph, I think you do indeed pour your emotion into your art. I love this piece and the palette is so interesting and beautiful!

  2. I like the light in this painting. Its like light at the end of the tunnel. I agree, the looseness and colors do show your emotion pouring out. It fits in very well with your posts of fives. I never heard of the balls. It was very interesting and makes me think deeply. Five good, five bad. Also something that would take quite a bit of thinking...

    Its not too deep. Its always wonderful to have our minds challenged, plus at the same time, you get us to look into our souls. Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Yes the colours are wonderful and the painting full of emotion. The way I found it stirring was from the angles coming in towards the people - from the bottom right up to the top ones coming down. I found it a bit scary actually - emotionally that is.

  4. I love the way the painting draws me in. I then extend my journey upward to unlimited possibilities. It's my favorite so far!