Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Natures Chair

Natures Chair.

Yesterday I ran 10K, I cleaned my vegetable plot and harvested potatoes, then I went for a walk. After all this exercise I was looking for a seat. As some of you know I have been walking the coastal path in stages. Yesterday as I walked I gathered some of the wild blackberries that grew along the path. The real highlight of the walk was this rock formation, on a bend in the path looking out over the river forth with its many islands.

The rock invited you to take a rest and enjoy. I did just that. It was smooth from years of people doing just what I was doing. Why sit on the nearby wooden seat that had been placed on the path when nature had provided this? Soon there will be a health and safety notice on it saying, “Cold stones can cause piles.” I am being cynical, I apologise.

Sherry was asking yesterday, if I was serious about the card thing. I am not sure, is the answer. If it is ok with the readers of this blog I will do a few more on here and take head of what you say to me. I will then trial one or two and see what happens. I will use both pictures and my own paintings. If anybody has paintings they think might fit the theme I would have no concerns about others doing the same. I would even be willing to help with the words.

So for today’s picture:-

Natures Chair.

Put here by nature way back in the beginning, before man.

Waiting to receive the weary traveller and offer rest.

How many before down through the years have done just that?

How many proposals have been made here, love declared?

How many important decisions?

How many have been inspired to greater things?

When we are at one with nature, nature is at one with us.

Nature seems to know that we need to stop and rest.

To gather our thoughts, and find peace.

Quietly nature offers us places of solace.

The wise person takes up the offer.

I hope you have a fruitful day with a moment of peace and harmony.

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  1. Oh Wow! I am impressed by your art, photography and reflections-two thoughtful blogs too. Will be back for more :)

  2. Ok Ralph my day started with a smile too... this is so restful and calming... Thanks for sharing and you know I love your words too... I know these are not my words, but my favorite saying is " Follow your heart, and you'll never be lost." In fact I just thought I'd post that on my Journey blog for all to ponder... BJ

  3. Recently returned from time spent on a private island in Georgian Bay, Ontario. There are 30,000 islands in Georgian Bay....some busy with watercraft and noise; others such as where I spent time, very private and quiet with forests as nature provided.
    As I sat with my daughter on a high rock I said...."listen and you can hear the silence". She responded "I do". and we sat side by side in the silence of earth, water, rock and wind.

  4. Ralph, this is wonderful. I wish I could sit in that chair - the view must be amazing. Thank you for sharing your vision and your heart.

  5. Time spent on Nature's Chair contemplating Nature, or nothing in particular, sounds wonderful! Peace and happiness!

  6. Ralph, beautiful rock bench and nice words! You might consider a different font, maybe script would look more personal?

  7. Thank you for visiting my drawings from nature and your lovely comment. I can see you too enjoy nature and painting, great ways to spent time.

  8. Your project sounds like a wonderful and meaningful one, good luck with it, I look forward to seeing more of your work. And reading your words.

  9. Yesterday I kayaked 7 miles and this morning I power walked 5. I need a chair! Nice photo.

  10. Here I thought you were doing all the power walking for the donuts you have been consuming.

    Amazing what Nature provides us - delightful story.