Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Autumnal Abstract

Autumnal Abstract

Today on my other blog I was thinking and talking about the day ahead, to be spent with my daughter. This therefore was the only painting I could possibly use to go with that blog.

It is strange though that I should because it has stirred some other thoughts in my mind. It also goes back to yesterday’s blog and my youth deficiency syndrome. Let me explain all that.

I had started to paint this canvas. I had drawn guidelines for sky, sea and shore. I had managed to paint the sky, in shades of brown. Now there it is; why did it take me over two years to come back to that idea as I have in two very recent seascapes?

The sky was done and the painting hanging to dry. My son and daughter were joining me hence my not being able to continue with it that day. When my son saw the sky and the guide marks he said, “I like this idea dad, some nice contrasting colours and that will look great. My daughter on hearing this said, “Yes but if you added just another stripe, a thin one in yellow it would fit my reading room to perfection.”

So this painting, painted on a large canvas with acrylic paint, was a joint family effort. It now hangs in the very room where my daughter keeps all her books and has a marvellous chair to relax with her books in. It does fit in well and she seems to like it.

A brown sky! Who would ever have thought of that?

I am off then to meet my daughter and have a marvellous day.

I wish you all a good day; I will catch up on your blogs tomorrow. I do pop into most of the blogs I follow most days but do not always comment.

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  1. Hi Ralph,

    Your painting is beautiful. I love the color palette you used. It's very Autumn-y! Would fit just perfectly in my home, I love all shades of earth!!

    I will adjust my blog right away, it's absolutely not my intention to reach just female readers. Off for some adjustments... thank you for pointing it out to me. I will follow you, your blog is inspiring!

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Happy painting!

  2. ... a quite note to let you know I'm still working on it; cannot find the buttons to change 'lovely ladies wrote'. So strange. Help isn't helping either ;)

  3. A very interesting abstract Ralph.... love those golden browns.

  4. The joy and pride in your kids is just a delight to see, Ralph.

  5. I love the way this painting turned out Ralph. Very striking. Leaves more to our imagination.