Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stormy Days

Stormy Days

I cannot get the idea of the cards out of my head. After listening to all the advice from Jerry yesterday I feel sure it will be no more than a beautiful thought and exercise. But it does at the moment seem to be giving a number of people pleasure. One or two have even emailed me to ask if they can make copies of the blog. Now If I was a hard headed business person I would of course say no. I know people copy from blogs; some have told me they have used some of my art as screensavers.

I feel honoured that you would feel this way.

Can I just ask on real big favour? if you do copy any of the meditative words and pictures could you let me know and please tell me which one and why.

At present I know one person wants to draw one of the pictures and likes the words I used. I know at least four others who have copied both pictures and words but I foolishly did not ask them which ones.

I would like some kind of idea.

Today’s picture was painted after running along this section of the coastal path on a very stormy day. It was wonderful. Yes, I was soaked to the skin and my skin was tingling but the colours were just magical. I so wanted to capture them. I came straight in from the rain and painted this in soaking wet running gear.

The colour was splashed on rather than painted. To this day I have spots of those colours on the rim of the wheels of my bike that was standing close to where I was throwing paint.

It now hangs in my sons living room which looks out roughly onto the place where I was running at the time.

So my thoughts:-

Stormy Days.

There are days when you feel the inner storm.

Sometimes you cannot figure why.

Others you know why but feel helpless.

Life is like a storm, throwing turmoil your way.

Nothing you do changes this feeling.

Nature has days when the sun shines and everything seems to glow

But there are also the days of storms

Dark clouds


But they are always the storms before the calm.

On the troubled days I remind myself

This too will pass.

The sun is shining through my study window and as jerry often says, “This will be a wonderful day.”

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  1. A wonderful post as always Ralph! I love the painting! Although the painting represents a storm, there is a certain calm about it. Maybe it is the lovely blue and movement you've created. You also paint with words, they are a compliment to your paintings. Have a lovely day! :)

  2. Ralph, I love this painting. I am enamored of the blues amongst the grasses, the deep sea colors...nature at its finest.

  3. This painting appeals to me more than yesterday's. It has a subtle presence that comes across.

  4. This painting is really beautiful! I also like the thoughts and the pieces of poetry you usually put together with the painting, they let us feel your mood and sensations while doing your artwork.

  5. What a beautiful painting Ralph. I love the colors.
    Maybe more should see your artworks. Are you signed in deviantart?
    regards from Greece!