Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Meeting.

The Meeting

As those who have read my other blog today will know I spent yesterday with my daughter. I love my times with her, the joyous conversations we have.

This painting is about such a meeting of two people on the coastal path near where I live. I saw two people walk towards each other on the beach, stop and share time together. My mind wondered what they were sharing.

I am not sure how many of my meditative cards would make a selection? I am not sure if this is such a great idea. The doubts are beginning to creep in.

I am sure all artists have the same thoughts about their paintings.

But this would be one painting I might use.

The Meeting

Here the shore meets the beach together they create the sound of joy.

Two people meet

In this meeting in the opportunity to share joy

To encourage the other.

To uplift the other person

Words shared in quiet moments can last forever.

Words can be healing

But word can be full of poison

and hurt.

Words can be gossip and cruel

When we speak we must speak with thought

Who might I meet today?

How will I leave the person I meet.

Will my meeting be the sound of joy?

I hope today you path crosses with another who will fill your life with joy.

Sorry jerry I cannot find a script that meets the bill on blogger. Unless somebody else knows how to.

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  1. You found a perfect spot to capture wildflowers, the beach, and big skies. A beautiful painting, Ralph!

  2. I love the composition and the story of this painting! It's like we're spying on the two people, but also like they're all alone in the world. It's beautiful!

  3. Good Morning Ralph, I am going out to breakfast with a friend today! I think you can create the actual cards you want on any printing program much like making business cards. Then you can post the final "product" like a photo on your blog. You have just begun this process and it is way too early to get discouraged! It will require a little investment in yourself, something we are all afraid to do!!! Create just one "best" card. ArtWanted will professionally print it up with envelope and all. The cost is about $20 for a dozen cards. Keep one and send out 11 to your friends (including ME!)and see what their responce is. As an artist you will discover that creating these cards is the simple
    task, then you have research and development, marketing, product placement, restocking and display racks, etc. Like any art they will not sell themselves! It is OK though. Pretend you are back in the classroom and the rolls have become reversed: you are now the student!
    "The only things I have ever failed in are the ones I have abandoned". me.

  4. Thank you R. I hope so too. I like the water and the green here in your painting. Thank you for stopping by FWW I so enjoy hearing from you. I thinks its neat the way we can all "meet up" on a blog from oceans apart. Its all the same sky my friend.

  5. Thank you for such amazing and accurate advice. Guess what? Sounds like a lot of effort and as much as I love my projects this on seems ro be dying on me.