Friday, 20 August 2010

Lotus River

Lotus River

This painting at first glance may appear to have come from my visits to the Impressionists Garden exhibition I have now attended twice. Possibly that has had an inner effect on my thinking.

I like to think it came from deeper within than that. Let me explain. Yesterday I went to put on some music as I prepared to paint. On my MP3 player I have a wide variety of music that I listen to in different situations. I have, music to travel with, music to read with, music to meditate to. Yesterday I thought I had hit the button to select some jazz, instead I got some Buddhist chant music.

I left it to play. The words are in Pali but I have listened so often I find myself signing along with it. It is peaceful and calming.

The amazing thing is I found myself selecting different colours from those that I had planned. I also ended up painting this painting, which was nothing like what I had in mind at all. I am aware it is very much undefined and has an abstract nature to it, but this is what the paint was saying to me. Yes I am one of those artist who is odd, funny, whatever. See my other blog.

Lotus River

Deep in the mud lies the bulb of the lotus.

Slowly but surely it reaches up to the light.

None of the mud adheres to it as it buds on the surface.

Then it burst into bloom, white, yellow, red and purple.

We can be caught in the toils and struggles of life,

But we can reach up and through with time

To blossom and bloom in the joy of nature.

We can because all things pass.

The lotus in red speaks of love

In white and yellow mental strength

Blue and Purple control of the senses.

All the things that help us burst into JOY

I hope this painting and its colours say just a tiny bit of this in its own meagre way.

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  1. I've been dreaming of lutus' lately.. Its strange to see this post.. I've kind of figured that my new house interiors are going to be inspired by lotus... and all the colours that you've reflected.. and exactly what I want to transform my home into.. I'll be working on this the next few weeks.. and will let you know once done.. Only coz you've really inspired me now!!

  2. I have a few favourite paintings of yours now, quite a collection in fact - and this is most definitely one of them! The colours are beautiful and the painting is so calming to look at. I would love to hang this on my wall!
    I can't listen to music when I'm reading - It has to be dead quite or I keep reading the same sentance over and over! Lol!

  3. Another painting with feeling. The palette suggests harmony, life and light. Love it Ralph. Congratulations.

  4. I think this is beautiful, Ralph. Beautiful colors!

  5. I absolutely love this painting. The colours are so vibrant and full of life. It feels like you have transcribed the essence of the flowers and the water into colour. Beautiful!

  6. beautiful choice of colours! I shall remember the Buddhist chants...if I am running out of ideas! Very captivating lilies/lotus