Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We Are How We See Ourselves.

We Are How We See Ourselves.

In my other blog today I was taking a very light hearted look at the process of ageing. Something the young do not believe ever happens to them, but the reality we all must face.

I have been neglecting taking account of my ageing and have allowed myself to get unfit and have increased in weight. And it did not just happen overnight.

Yesterday I hit a target and had done for two days in a row and was feeling not too bad about life. Then I saw this my first and only self portrait. I remember doing it, more importantly I remember the night my son snapped this picture of me. He took it with his new cell phone. I was still running daily and still only hitting 140lbs.

Not the best ever self portrait, but I never got round to trying another. Maybe one day I should.

I have been reading articles about self portraits. Some people think that they would never do them because it is self indulgence. That it takes a certain inner pride to accomplish it.

I found it the exact opposite. It was impossible to sit and study yourself without also doing an inner stock take.

A inner stock take helped me get some perspective back into my life, so it was a good exercise.

I recommend it to one and all. Be brave and have a go.

This one was done in pastel I did it in one fell swoop.

It now languishes in a drawer somewhere. I keep telling my children I am keeping it in the off chance that one day I may become a grandfather. I will then hang it above the fire to keep them safe.

Frightening indeed.

I cannot leave toady without commenting on the ongoing work of Barbra- Joan She is painting the picture of the tree I used as a photograph recently. What amazing patience she has and what a wonderful eye for detail. If you have a free minute go look at it. She posted the ongoing work a few days ago. Hit her name and it will take you to her blog.

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  1. :-) I agree Ralph... about the way we see ourselfs

  2. Ralph, I love the idea of your self-portrait keeping watch over your grandkids. No greater gift, my friend.

  3. That is a lovely thought Sherry I had more in mind keeping them well away from the danger of the fire. The portrait might scare them enough to stay well back.

  4. Well, Ralph just want to say thanks for the boost. You always lift my spirits and its what keeps us all going . As far as self-portraits, I did one of myself when younger and it was in oils.. I still have it and hey, maybe I'll actually post it after being inspired by you.. As far as doing self-portraits I think it's rather brave of us... to put ourselves 'out there'.

  5. you are right it is never ever easy but I would love to see that one of you

  6. Take heart, Ralph, you're not the only one fighting The Battle of the Bulge!

    Oh dear... it's an ongoing thing!