Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sunflowers 2


Well I started to work on y textured sunflowers and exactly what I thought might happen I ended up not happy with it. I was going to paint them by using a number of glazes. So what do I do? I add the wrong colour first and this then means that all subsequent colours are wrong.

I managed to wash it off put in the process spoiled the texture. So I have reapplied the damaged areas. As yet I have not managed down to see if it has worked. It will not make too much difference today anyway, I have to be here a look after the boiler engineer. I doubt if I will manage to paint with him working on my boiler.

So was yesterday a total disaster? Not at all. Instead of completing the painting I went out for a run along the coastal path. I managed 10k and was feeling good when I returned home. Here is the really good bit though, I stood on the scales and I have reached another little target on the way to getting back to my desired weight. So only another ten ponds to go in my fight against the 28 I was needing to lose.

I also told the story on my other blog to somebody and he responded so well this morning today looks like it will be a good day.

I looked at a good number of your blogs yesterday; I do not always comment but always look. I saw loads of beautiful sunflowers. Sunflower paintings that will and do surpass any of mine, what a joy.

So I for today will post again my first ever sunflowers painting.

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  1. I just find the life of Ralph fabulously fascinating and full of joy and wisdom and light.

  2. Ralph, you have a tendency to build up other's work at the expense of your own! It is not necessary, there is a lot of room at the top! Your paintings are always so much more than color.

  3. You may not be completely happy w the colors. But, I love the composition. It jumped right off my dashboard when I saw this!

  4. Alright Ralph, stonepost is right on.... so come on over, sit in that wicker rocker with your ale and we'll talk it over... You are too hard on yourself... we all are.

  5. LOVE these! They are so happy! Congrats.

  6. Are you telling me this is an older painting and not the one you recently sculpted with modeling paste? These are lovely Ralph, but I still look forward to seeing your new ones. If you put the wrong color down, it can be covered when it dries. No need to worry. Good luck.

  7. I do love the painting.
    Why to be so hard on yourself????
    Take it EZ Ralph.You did very well.

  8. I like them. A lot.

    Re: losing the pounds... me too... making friends with my treadmill again :-)