Saturday, 28 August 2010

Along The Coastal Path

Along The Coastal Path

I have used this painting before. I apologise that I have not had any new works for a while. I have painted nothing that I would share. I am hoping that maybe my time away will inspire me to do something that is worthy of sharing.

I do so love the coastal path and it will be interesting to run and walk some parts I have as yet not seen.

This painting was done after one such run. I was never happy with it and recently toned down the sky and added the two sailing boats. Still it has not sold and I suspect it never will.

The first time I showed Sharon from Dundee said she liked it.

I do so enjoy painting seascapes and have maybe got to think about returning to that subject and give the abstracts a rest.

This is painted in acrylic on canvas.

In my other blog I talk about rejection. It is not only people who face rejection so do some paintings. I have at last learned though that just because a person does not like a painting it has nothing to do with their liking me or not.

Ha ha. I laugh because I was talking to an artist yesterday who had as yet not learned that lesson.

Have a great weekend.

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Friday, 27 August 2010

My Trainers.

My Trainers.

Now before I begin to explain the use of these let me make it very clear that in no way do I see this picture as a work of art. They are plain and simple my trainers. Dirty, smelly trainers; they lie of on yesterdays newsprint as close to the back door as possible.

I am constantly getting into trouble for walking into the house with them on after a run along the coastal path, or across some fields and woods. I can be upstairs at the shower when I realise I have probably left a trail of mud that now waits to be cleaned up.

So why are they on here? Well Kim has been painting a series of paintings of her sister’s shoes. When she had painted all the interesting ones I offered her my trainers. She has said she will paint these. So there they are art in the making. I look forward to seeing the finished painting, knowing it will be amazing.

But they also fit on my other blog today. Since my 40th birthday I have been a runner. Running marathons, and then tackling mountains. Over the years I have had so many injuries I can no longer run without the little help of painkillers.

I am just so thankful that I can run at all. Since my most recent accident I thought I never would. I am now back to 5/6 runs a week and managing 6 miles each time. Thank You, Thank You.

So you see these trainers are for me a work of art, and I long for Kim to confirm this.

Actually, when I study the picture again and think of some of the Surrealist paintings I saw at the gallery the other day there. I could make a collage of these and pictures of some of the places I run. Just a thought.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Secret Places

Secret Places

Can I just remind readers of this blog that this is a secondary blog leading from my main blog. I had assumed everybody was aware of this, but my daughter yesterday informed me that she did not even know of the existence of this blog. She has only ever been reading my other blog Ralph I try to make some sort of connection between the two.

This painting I called, “Secret places of the mind.” To clever by half I think. It is a textured artwork on a very large canvas. I painted it when I was in one of my deep a pensive periods. Aware that there was me, that the outer world saw day in and day out, and then there was that inner me with all my inner thoughts.

Today on my other blog I was sharing some of the thoughts I had yesterday about people refusing to take the blame. I used this painting because I think it also asks that same question.

I am often very protective of that inner me. That protectiveness could so easily result in my passing the buck for my failures onto so many other things.

We all know the saying, a bad workman always blames his tools. The artist who has a million excuses why he does not paint is playing the same game.

When I look again at this painting, as I have done this morning, I am not at all surprised it has not sold.

Rather than blame it I will lay the blame where it should be, right on my own desk.

I hope you the thoughts of have today are happy thoughts. I hope they make you smile.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Autumnal Abstract

Autumnal Abstract

Today on my other blog I was thinking and talking about the day ahead, to be spent with my daughter. This therefore was the only painting I could possibly use to go with that blog.

It is strange though that I should because it has stirred some other thoughts in my mind. It also goes back to yesterday’s blog and my youth deficiency syndrome. Let me explain all that.

I had started to paint this canvas. I had drawn guidelines for sky, sea and shore. I had managed to paint the sky, in shades of brown. Now there it is; why did it take me over two years to come back to that idea as I have in two very recent seascapes?

The sky was done and the painting hanging to dry. My son and daughter were joining me hence my not being able to continue with it that day. When my son saw the sky and the guide marks he said, “I like this idea dad, some nice contrasting colours and that will look great. My daughter on hearing this said, “Yes but if you added just another stripe, a thin one in yellow it would fit my reading room to perfection.”

So this painting, painted on a large canvas with acrylic paint, was a joint family effort. It now hangs in the very room where my daughter keeps all her books and has a marvellous chair to relax with her books in. It does fit in well and she seems to like it.

A brown sky! Who would ever have thought of that?

I am off then to meet my daughter and have a marvellous day.

I wish you all a good day; I will catch up on your blogs tomorrow. I do pop into most of the blogs I follow most days but do not always comment.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We Are How We See Ourselves.

We Are How We See Ourselves.

In my other blog today I was taking a very light hearted look at the process of ageing. Something the young do not believe ever happens to them, but the reality we all must face.

I have been neglecting taking account of my ageing and have allowed myself to get unfit and have increased in weight. And it did not just happen overnight.

Yesterday I hit a target and had done for two days in a row and was feeling not too bad about life. Then I saw this my first and only self portrait. I remember doing it, more importantly I remember the night my son snapped this picture of me. He took it with his new cell phone. I was still running daily and still only hitting 140lbs.

Not the best ever self portrait, but I never got round to trying another. Maybe one day I should.

I have been reading articles about self portraits. Some people think that they would never do them because it is self indulgence. That it takes a certain inner pride to accomplish it.

I found it the exact opposite. It was impossible to sit and study yourself without also doing an inner stock take.

A inner stock take helped me get some perspective back into my life, so it was a good exercise.

I recommend it to one and all. Be brave and have a go.

This one was done in pastel I did it in one fell swoop.

It now languishes in a drawer somewhere. I keep telling my children I am keeping it in the off chance that one day I may become a grandfather. I will then hang it above the fire to keep them safe.

Frightening indeed.

I cannot leave toady without commenting on the ongoing work of Barbra- Joan She is painting the picture of the tree I used as a photograph recently. What amazing patience she has and what a wonderful eye for detail. If you have a free minute go look at it. She posted the ongoing work a few days ago. Hit her name and it will take you to her blog.

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Monday, 23 August 2010

The Tiger

The Tiger

On my other blog I was talking about intelligence. It is a really strange word when you think about it. It causes so much snobbery among certain groups of people. They are proud of what they have learned and some even go as far as to look down on those less intelligent than themselves.

The tiger must be one of the most intelligent of hunters, but do not ask it to do multiple division. It has no need for that.

I have to confess that being one who was told to leave school at an early age I have at times in my life been proud of my future university achievements. Not intelligent enough to sit higher qualifications at school I ended up part of the writing team for the same examinations.

What keeps me on my feet is the fact that I have many friends who might still not have the same qualifications, but they can sort my car and build my walls and repair the electrical fault.

When it comes to art! I have a great love of tiger paintings, almost as much as I have for floral art. I have seen some marvellous paintings of tigers that allow me to see I have much to learn.

The wonderful thing is I have found this blogging friendship where it is easy to look at the wonderful work of others, and to learn.

I thank you all once again.

The Tiger

He has one thought in mind, the kill.

Or so it would seem, as he intently stares upon his prey.

Slowly but surely putting his knowledge to the test.

He does so to survive.

To provide for his family.

Those to whom he will pass on his knowledge.

We each have our talents and our skills

Our learning and our wisdom

How we use it is the question

To gain or benefit us all.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

This is an abstract I did not too long ago. It was produced using texture and a series of glazes. I really was happy with the finished effect.

It seems that I was probably alone in that. I know my wife did not like it at all, neither the painting nor the palette used.

It has been hanging for sometime now and probably long enough to give up on it.

I will not be able to paint over it because of all the texture so I think I will look for a corner in my study and hang it there. I am after all the only person that ever sits in this room.

I used it today because it does make me smile and that is just what I was talking about on the other blog. Those people who have the ability to make us feel good.

I had a difficult meeting yesterday with somebody I found it very difficult to agree with or even come close to agreeing with. I will have to work on that.

How I rejoiced when I later met with the old friend I talk about today.

Then, to open the blog before going to bed and read your comments, just finished my day lovely.

Yes it is good to know there are people who have the ability to make me feel like dancing.

Shame I can’t dance and sign but hey one out of two is ok.

Have a good day I hope you meet somebody who makes you want to sing and dance.

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Litter Bin

The Litter Bin

I took this picture the other day there. I just could not resist it. There it was all bright red and looking so marvellous among the vegetation at the side of the coastal path. It was a litter bin to behold. A work of art in its own right.

It made me smile because of its bold lines and colour. Somebody had taken the time to design this bin, to make it a feature of the path. I also smiled because it was the first litter bin that I had ever seen with a padlock. I wondered if they were having problems with people stealing litter.

It made me sad because just out of shot there was the usual litter that had been discarded and this beautiful bin not used. It seems some people either do not see the beauty around them or they just do not care.

I share these thoughts with you.

The Litter Bin

It stood there proud and beautiful

Waiting to play its part in keeping the beauty around.

It said in bold red, use me please.

There are many things in life we have to discard

Angry, jealousy, greed and intolerance

being just a few

There are things that should be cherished.

This litter bin has a lock on it.

If you put something in here you might never get it back if you change your mind

Once you have discarded friendship

It is difficult to win back

So today tell your friends how much you care.

Have a wonderful Saturday and a great weekend.

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Friday, 20 August 2010

Lotus River

Lotus River

This painting at first glance may appear to have come from my visits to the Impressionists Garden exhibition I have now attended twice. Possibly that has had an inner effect on my thinking.

I like to think it came from deeper within than that. Let me explain. Yesterday I went to put on some music as I prepared to paint. On my MP3 player I have a wide variety of music that I listen to in different situations. I have, music to travel with, music to read with, music to meditate to. Yesterday I thought I had hit the button to select some jazz, instead I got some Buddhist chant music.

I left it to play. The words are in Pali but I have listened so often I find myself signing along with it. It is peaceful and calming.

The amazing thing is I found myself selecting different colours from those that I had planned. I also ended up painting this painting, which was nothing like what I had in mind at all. I am aware it is very much undefined and has an abstract nature to it, but this is what the paint was saying to me. Yes I am one of those artist who is odd, funny, whatever. See my other blog.

Lotus River

Deep in the mud lies the bulb of the lotus.

Slowly but surely it reaches up to the light.

None of the mud adheres to it as it buds on the surface.

Then it burst into bloom, white, yellow, red and purple.

We can be caught in the toils and struggles of life,

But we can reach up and through with time

To blossom and bloom in the joy of nature.

We can because all things pass.

The lotus in red speaks of love

In white and yellow mental strength

Blue and Purple control of the senses.

All the things that help us burst into JOY

I hope this painting and its colours say just a tiny bit of this in its own meagre way.

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stormy Days

Stormy Days

I cannot get the idea of the cards out of my head. After listening to all the advice from Jerry yesterday I feel sure it will be no more than a beautiful thought and exercise. But it does at the moment seem to be giving a number of people pleasure. One or two have even emailed me to ask if they can make copies of the blog. Now If I was a hard headed business person I would of course say no. I know people copy from blogs; some have told me they have used some of my art as screensavers.

I feel honoured that you would feel this way.

Can I just ask on real big favour? if you do copy any of the meditative words and pictures could you let me know and please tell me which one and why.

At present I know one person wants to draw one of the pictures and likes the words I used. I know at least four others who have copied both pictures and words but I foolishly did not ask them which ones.

I would like some kind of idea.

Today’s picture was painted after running along this section of the coastal path on a very stormy day. It was wonderful. Yes, I was soaked to the skin and my skin was tingling but the colours were just magical. I so wanted to capture them. I came straight in from the rain and painted this in soaking wet running gear.

The colour was splashed on rather than painted. To this day I have spots of those colours on the rim of the wheels of my bike that was standing close to where I was throwing paint.

It now hangs in my sons living room which looks out roughly onto the place where I was running at the time.

So my thoughts:-

Stormy Days.

There are days when you feel the inner storm.

Sometimes you cannot figure why.

Others you know why but feel helpless.

Life is like a storm, throwing turmoil your way.

Nothing you do changes this feeling.

Nature has days when the sun shines and everything seems to glow

But there are also the days of storms

Dark clouds


But they are always the storms before the calm.

On the troubled days I remind myself

This too will pass.

The sun is shining through my study window and as jerry often says, “This will be a wonderful day.”

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Meeting.

The Meeting

As those who have read my other blog today will know I spent yesterday with my daughter. I love my times with her, the joyous conversations we have.

This painting is about such a meeting of two people on the coastal path near where I live. I saw two people walk towards each other on the beach, stop and share time together. My mind wondered what they were sharing.

I am not sure how many of my meditative cards would make a selection? I am not sure if this is such a great idea. The doubts are beginning to creep in.

I am sure all artists have the same thoughts about their paintings.

But this would be one painting I might use.

The Meeting

Here the shore meets the beach together they create the sound of joy.

Two people meet

In this meeting in the opportunity to share joy

To encourage the other.

To uplift the other person

Words shared in quiet moments can last forever.

Words can be healing

But word can be full of poison

and hurt.

Words can be gossip and cruel

When we speak we must speak with thought

Who might I meet today?

How will I leave the person I meet.

Will my meeting be the sound of joy?

I hope today you path crosses with another who will fill your life with joy.

Sorry jerry I cannot find a script that meets the bill on blogger. Unless somebody else knows how to.

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Natures Chair

Natures Chair.

Yesterday I ran 10K, I cleaned my vegetable plot and harvested potatoes, then I went for a walk. After all this exercise I was looking for a seat. As some of you know I have been walking the coastal path in stages. Yesterday as I walked I gathered some of the wild blackberries that grew along the path. The real highlight of the walk was this rock formation, on a bend in the path looking out over the river forth with its many islands.

The rock invited you to take a rest and enjoy. I did just that. It was smooth from years of people doing just what I was doing. Why sit on the nearby wooden seat that had been placed on the path when nature had provided this? Soon there will be a health and safety notice on it saying, “Cold stones can cause piles.” I am being cynical, I apologise.

Sherry was asking yesterday, if I was serious about the card thing. I am not sure, is the answer. If it is ok with the readers of this blog I will do a few more on here and take head of what you say to me. I will then trial one or two and see what happens. I will use both pictures and my own paintings. If anybody has paintings they think might fit the theme I would have no concerns about others doing the same. I would even be willing to help with the words.

So for today’s picture:-

Natures Chair.

Put here by nature way back in the beginning, before man.

Waiting to receive the weary traveller and offer rest.

How many before down through the years have done just that?

How many proposals have been made here, love declared?

How many important decisions?

How many have been inspired to greater things?

When we are at one with nature, nature is at one with us.

Nature seems to know that we need to stop and rest.

To gather our thoughts, and find peace.

Quietly nature offers us places of solace.

The wise person takes up the offer.

I hope you have a fruitful day with a moment of peace and harmony.

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Monday, 16 August 2010



I have used this artwork before and told the story of the owner now being a blind person. But I am still thinking of my project of a small selection of cards with meditative themes.

These cards could have the artwork on the front the small meditation guide on the inside and a blank space to either make further notes or to include a message.

I promise not to inflict too many of these on you but I have to say I am finding the feedback, from those of you who have taken the time to contact me, both interesting and inspiring.

So here is my painting of my own hands. Painted at the end of using them to work with pastel.


Are treasures to be cared for.

They can achieve much.

Bring much peace and joy.

Can reach out to brush a tear.

To sooth a bruised leg, and pride.

To offer help in times of need.

But the same hands can also cause grief and pain

They can destroy.

A simple thought, “It is all in our Hands.”

I hope today your hands are treasure both by you and those with whom you will share this day.

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Sunday, 15 August 2010



My apologies that I have no further art today. I was interested in the comments made yesterday and thank you all for your honesty , including Ruby who did not like it at all. I can fully understand that. Maybe I will lose it somewhere, we will see.

So today let me share another of my photographs that I may one day make into a card.

I love butterflies.

They are so gentle with the flower.

They come they take what they need and leave the flower with what it needs.

They help each other each in their own ways.

Shared Harmony.

We need others even though we often act as though we do not.

It is not possible to be totally self sufficient.

But sadly so often we take what we need with aggression.

Why can we not learn the way of peace.

Can we begin with our children?

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Textured Sunflowers

Textured Sunflowers

Well I finished the textured sunflowers and I guess it is back to the drawing board. I know some of you keep giving me a ticking off for putting down some of my work (well most of it to be exact) but I am just being a realist.

This one I cannot do anything more with because of the method I have used to produce it. I do not like it at all. MY friend who is usually the first person to see most of my works agreed with me saying, “Of all the ones you have done this is the first one I have totally disliked.”

Last night my son and daughter in law were round, her last Friday of the holidays. We had an ale and I had cooked Paella the way I learned while in Spain. My son saw the painting and said he liked it.

So it is not all lost at least one person likes it.

The big mistake I made was adding the texture to the canvas without first adding a base colour. Will not make that mistake again.

For what it is worth I have posted it here .

Have a good Saturday.

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Friday, 13 August 2010

Loves Reaches Deep

Love Reaches Deep

One of the days I apologised for adding a photograph to this blog. A comment was made that I should not apologise because a photograph was an expression of art.

I have thought about these words for some time now. I have often thought that I should make some attempt to put words to some of the paintings I have done and turn them into some kind of “meditation card”. Or to be even simpler a card with some thoughts to inspire further thinking by the reader.

Since the day Susan made that comment about the photograph I have thought that it does not only need to be paintings it could also be cards.

I posted three examples yesterday on a website and await any feedback. As yet none, so maybe it was not such a great idea.

Here is one of the photographs. I took this picture while walking round one of the well known Scottish Lochs.

My thoughts on it are:

The roots of the tree reaches deep into the earth from where it gains its strength.

It is grounded firm against the difficulties life throws our way.

It reaches out to remain secure.

Love reaches down deep into our beings.

We need such love to be grounded.

We need to reach out and find security from the troubles that life throws our way.

These are prompts for further thought with the picture to assist.

I know that those who read my blog and comment or email will tell me exactly what you think of this idea. I can hear one or two telling me to get back to reality and off my sloppy horse.

Thanks again to Susan for the initial thoughts that made my brain go down this road for both blogs.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sunflowers 2


Well I started to work on y textured sunflowers and exactly what I thought might happen I ended up not happy with it. I was going to paint them by using a number of glazes. So what do I do? I add the wrong colour first and this then means that all subsequent colours are wrong.

I managed to wash it off put in the process spoiled the texture. So I have reapplied the damaged areas. As yet I have not managed down to see if it has worked. It will not make too much difference today anyway, I have to be here a look after the boiler engineer. I doubt if I will manage to paint with him working on my boiler.

So was yesterday a total disaster? Not at all. Instead of completing the painting I went out for a run along the coastal path. I managed 10k and was feeling good when I returned home. Here is the really good bit though, I stood on the scales and I have reached another little target on the way to getting back to my desired weight. So only another ten ponds to go in my fight against the 28 I was needing to lose.

I also told the story on my other blog to somebody and he responded so well this morning today looks like it will be a good day.

I looked at a good number of your blogs yesterday; I do not always comment but always look. I saw loads of beautiful sunflowers. Sunflower paintings that will and do surpass any of mine, what a joy.

So I for today will post again my first ever sunflowers painting.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sunflowers in the Painting

Sunflowers in the Painting.

Please do not think I am insulting you by putting on another of my white experiments. I am in fact being very brave I am showing you a painting half done, and if you have read my other blog you will be aware how silly that can be. I have in the past shown an abstract painting in construction, but in that case I was wise enough to capture each stage and only reveal after the painting was complete.

Yesterday was a day of half “finisheds”. My wife with her half finished joke. I went for a walk and a stray dog walked with me for an hour and a half. I reluctantly left him on the edge of the woods where I had parked my car in the hope his owner came to look for him. Today I will go and see if he is still there, because he is on my mind.

Lastly I started this painting and left it at this stage. That is in fact something I am not at all good at, leaving a painting half way through the process. Normally I would be back and forth touching it. The minute it was nearly dry I would be at it with paint.

This morning the modelling paste is lovely and dry. Technically I should be able to go and finish it. Sadly the desire I had yesterday is not there at present.

I have painted sunflowers twice before. One sold very quickly, the other where I used texture and made them look very much like sunflower heads I still have.

This time I am hoping to paint them more abstract than the previous two. Somewhere between.

I will put a second picture on here to show you the bloom that has made me want so much to paint another sunflower. It is the one to the right. You can see the canvas behind it. This one has smiled at me since Saturday.

So here it is a canvas with texture added waiting for the colours to speak to me.

Please will nobody suggest I paint the whole lot. I just could not.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Castles in the Air

Castle in the Air

My apologies that I did not post on this blog yesterday but circumstances, always circumstances, militated against it. I was talking on my other blog today about the grass on the other side always being greener.

I also apologise to those who have seen this painting in the early stages of this blog but it did seem to fit very much with my thoughts on the other blog.

I am not sure if all artists are the same as the one I spoke with yesterday, but it did ring bells with myself. Just like the grass always being greener on the other side so we are always longing for something else. In winter we long for the sun of summer. In summer we dream of the colours of autumn.

I laughed when this person said this to me because I immediately recognised it. Now I do love mountains in winter. I love being on top of them with the world of white around me. I dream of castles in the sky.

That being said I have painted very few snow scenes. This is one of the few exceptions to the rule.

As these thoughts went through my mind I had a lovely picture of a person who I loved deeply and think of often. MY old grandmother. I saw her standing in front of me saying, “Your wishing your life away laddie.”

Autumn, spring, summer and winter there is a time for all things so rather than dreaming castles in the sky lets enjoy the day we have.

I bought some sunflowers to fill my house with their joy on Sunday. I have painted sunflowers more than once but I even now as I sit here can hear them gently whisper to me.

Have a sun filled day.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010



Two days in a row and I am posting flowers. Is this romantic? Or is it foolish? I am wondering. As I said yesterday I have a real love for flowers but know that my style of tackling art can never really accomplish good floral art. I really should leave that to those of you who are good at it.

Yesterday, in the midst of all the other things I had to do in my preparation for today’s ruby wedding gathering, I found myself looking again and again at the Buddleia in my garden. It grows all over the place around here. On disused railways and abandoned buildings. It is so easy to grow, break off a branch and stick it in the ground and it will root. I have two planted because the butterflies love the strong aroma and the flowers. I in turn love seeing the butterflies in my garden.

I thought I would have a further try at painting flowers. In my usual way, I did a quick sketch then started in with the pastels. Then I added another bloom here and another bloom there.

I have ended up with a pastel, but one that is a very awkward size to ever consider mounting or framing. I took a picture of it and I share it with you, that is probably the foolish part of me. The one saving grace is that this being a Sunday fewer people than normal seem to visit blogs.

Painted using hard pastel sticks.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010



I chose to go back to this painting today for the reason I spoke of in my blog. I have a great love of flowers, how I wish I could paint them like so many of you whom I consider great blogging friends can. I just cannot bring myself to slow down enough to capture them like you all seem to do.

Whenever I get a paintbrush in my hand, life seems to speed up. So as much as I would like to I tend to stay away from painting flowers. That being said my home will no doubt be full of flowers this weekend as we celebrate 40 years of marriage. Seemed appropriate to put some flowers on here also. My apologies.

Another reason I have put them on here today is my wonderful memories of this week. The Impressionist exhibition I attended on gardens and flowers.

Maybe I will just have one more try at some flowers, but do not hold your breath.

So the point of this blog today.

Thanks to all of you whose blogs I read who paint marvellous floral art. I do not tell you often enough how much I enjoy them.

Apologies if on both my blogs today I sound a bit self indulgent but please make allowances for me.

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Friday, 6 August 2010

Home From the Sea

Home From The Sea

Well now what is happening? Two paintings completed in two days. Well let me explain. As you are no doubt aware I am a Scotsman, and yes I do wear a kilt. I am sure you have all heard the stories about us Scots. We are all mean and we keep every coin in our pockets a prisoner. We being a Scotsman and coming into my paint area yesterday morning I noticed a fair bit of paint still left over from the day before painting.

Cannot have that. So in spite of all the criticisms I had had about the colour of the previous painting I got out a canvas and produced another. All this walking along the coast seems to be getting to my inner me.

Same colour but used in a slightly lighter way. This time I had the canvas portrait rather than landscape. Not so sure I like it as much as the other one but I have not binned it so that has to be a first.

I used it on the other blog because whenever I see yachts sailing I cannot get out of my head the idea that they are dancing on the waves.

Oh and before I finish I have to put the record straight. We Scots are not at all mean, we are open hearted and very generous. We had a prime minister very well known both sides of the pond but well known in Scotland for a very different reason. Her name was Margaret Thatcher. She came to Scotland and stood at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and had the nerve to say there was no such thing as society, only individuals. We in Scotland are proud of our society and no matter what anybody says and thinks we care for one another.

But that does not mean we can waste paint. Ha ha. Have a great day.

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lead Kindly Light

Lead Kindly Light

I painted yesterday. It started out to look like another day when I would end up with nothing but a fuller bin. It turned out to be instead a day with a happy accident. I had started to paint something else but I was not at all happy with it. My concentration level would be slipping because of this and so the mistake occurred. I lifted the wrong colour. At the speed I paint there is never a coming back from that. But I did like what had happened on the canvas.

I made a coffee and stood looking at the happy accident. As those who follow my blogs know I have been walking the coastal path near where I stay. I intend to do it all, and the way I am doing it in sections walking out and back, when I have finished I will have seen it both ways. It is 150km so I will be having a few walks.

As I looked I saw different aspects of the walks I have been having. I put them together to come up with this painting. It is a painting of nowhere and lots of places. One of the little fishing villages, look at it from a distance. The lighthouse I saw the other day.

One or two people have seen it. One of the lads I was talking with yesterday thought I must have been in a gloomy mood when I used these colours. My wife felt the same, asking me why I chose to use such a dark palette.

They were both wrong. I did not choose the palette the happy accident did. I felt far from gloomy I felt peaceful and calm.

Why the title I have given it? I was a parish minister for 20 years and I loved nothing more than a good sing. Sunday after Sunday I was able to slip into the service a hymn that I liked to sing, and then I got the pleasure of blasting it out in full voice.

As most of you know I cannot sing anymore and yet after all those years, I still find myself humming some of those tunes as I paint. Often the song I am humming without knowing why gives me the title for the painting.

I having been discussing with Ruby the importance of the titles of paintings. I think they point people in the direction you would like them to be thinking as they look at your work. They should though, also allow the person to put their own interpretation to the work and fill in the gaps for themselves.

So here it is, Lead Kindly Light. For those who know the next line I think this painting just about fits the bill.

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The Finish Line.

My apologies that I have again no art to put on this blog this morning. In my other blog I was talking about puting off the things you know you should be doing to do other things.

Well let me make a great big confession. I have not been painting nearly as much as I should be or for that mattr would like to be. I have a reason and I hope it is not an excuse.

Since taking up painting I have allowed it to almost dominate my life. I am prone to doing that. The trouble is some of the things I have been putting off is the regular excercise I used to do. Not only that I have been indulging myself in other ways.

The result: overweight. Just before going on holiday I had managed without thinking to put on two stone, for those who do not know that weight system that is 28pounds.

The picture on both blogs today is what I used to be like. I know so you do not need to say it, but at least not carrying an extra 2 stone.

I have been putting off doing anything about it and feeling so unfit. So I have decided this is a priority and I have been getting out, running and walking and more importantly indulging myself less.

Yesterday I had managed to lose 14 of those pounds so a mile marker. I am familiar with mile markers having run hundreds of marathons. So I have another two markers set down. Each for 7 pounds to get rid of the additional 14.

I know this blog is about art but can you just give me this one. Sharing this secret with you I feel will help me do it.

I will now go and paint, without the little choclate biscuit beside the coffee cup or the bottle of ale and packet of crisps.

As my other blog says. You can do anything you want if you want to bad enough.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Thoughts of Spring.

Thoughts of Spring

As I said in my other blog I had a marvellous day yesterday visiting an exhibition of Impressionist paintings of gardens and flowers. So many beautiful works of art and so much to take in.

Those who follow my blogs and those whose blogs I follow know I have a real love of such things. I look at so many of your blogs and am so often dumbstruck by the beauty you are all able to portray.

I know this is going to sound controversial but I am going to say it anyway. I looked at some of the masters and in most case I was blown away. There were others where I looked and I thought, my blogging friend ………. has done something like that and better.

I was captured by a painting of Van Gogh. It was a garden painting, “Undergrowth.” I have seen pictures of this work before but to see it for real was just something else.

I carried the image in my mind and thought about my feeble attempts to convey that feeling.

The painting I have included here is one such example.

I am pleased I attempted this work but I am now inspired to look again and see if I can make a better job of conveying what I attempted.

So another canvas finds its way on to my repaint bundle. I am going back to read Katherine’s comment the other day about how to see that as positive. I am going to take the inspiration of the master and make a further effort.

Thanks to Van Gogh and thanks to Katherine.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Summer Days and Holidays

Summer Days and Holidays.

I used this painting this morning because I thought my other blog was very serious and that was not really how I was feeling. I had a wonderful walk in the rain yesterday. It was a fairly high ridge walk with marvellous views in spite of the wet weather.

I find such walks exhilarating and yet they also make me contemplative. I think this painting does both also.

I hope it captures the feeling of walks in strange places where you find unexpected little alleys that make you stop and wonder. What secrets do the windows and doors conceal? Then the artistic beauty of the place takes over and you feel moved.

None of those yesterday, but I did find this little ridge high above the town of Burntisland not far from where I live. So near yet until yesterday I was oblivious of it.

At the end of the walk, as I returned to my car I walk under the cliff face I had just walked along the top. I was aware of how close the path was to this drop. Did I really go there?

How I wish I could pour all that emotion into my art. This painting was done very quickly so I think there was some of it in this one. It sold very quickly and a larger similar one was commissioned soon after.

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

And So It Was

And So It Was

It was Katherine who was talking on her blog about selling pictures. I found that blog interesting because she was asking all the questions we all have to ask ourselves at one time or other. Can we part with paintings that are part of us? I had a lovely chuckle as I pictured her running after a buyer asking for her painting back.

Another real dilemma I have is when it is time to admit that nobody wants to purchase a particular painting. There is the question of storing large numbers of unsold large canvas. The other thing is cost. These canvas rather than sitting taking up space can be used again.

It is true that there is a part of us in every canvas we paint. If there is not then we have to ask ourselves if we are painting just as a task to be done or are we giving the painting our whole being.

I have used this painting here today on both blogs because here is a canvas in point.

Before going to sleep I often lie and consider painting. What will I paint? What days might I try to paint? What medium? Then of course I consider the canvas that I will use. Will it be a new one or will I paint over.

I think this painting is rapidly reaching the point when I will have to decide to paint over her. It is like selling a painting, it is never easy but we have to ask what can we do with a mountain of unwanted works?

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